Contact us, so that we can get some basic information. 

We will need to know:

the client's name 

parent/guardian name

a good phone number and address (and email)

the primary doctor or referring doctor

insurance / payer information

brief medical history / diagnosis / concerns


Physician Referral

We can contact your child's doctor and get the When Kids Play physician referral completed or your physician can write a prescription for therapy (Evaluate and Treat). Prescriptions have to be current. If your child gets the requested therapy from another company, you will have an extra form to sign saying you are changing companies. 


Authorization / Payment agreements

We will contact your insurance or payer and find out coverage details. We will explain these to you before beginning services and get your consent. You always have the option to private pay for services. In most cases, When Kids Play will wait for authorization from the payment source before providing a service. 


Admission and Evaluation

Before beginning any services, we will get your consent for treatment. During the first visit for your child, we will gather lots of information including: emergency contacts, a more complete medical information and history, medication and allergy information, consents and agreements related to care. We will also give information. For the most part, our policies can be found on this website. Please let us know if you would like a paper copy of anything. 

As part of this first visit, usually we will do a therapy evaluation. 


Physician Signature and Payment Authorization

After each evaluation, we send documents to the doctor for signature. Once signed, it goes to the payer for authorization. Usually authorization is given based on the plan of care recommended on the evaluation (for example 2 visits per week for 6 months = 52 authorized visits from January 1 to May 30). 


Therapy and Re-Evaluation

Once When Kids Play receives both the physician signed document and the payer authorization, then your assigned therapist will set up a schedule that works for both of you. Regular attendance in therapy is important for your child's progress. We encourage you to be a part of therapy and to use strategies and home programs between therapy visits. 

Periodically, every child's progress is assessed again and new documentation is sent for physician signature and re-authorization. We will make every attempt to complete this before the previous authorization expires so there isn't a disruption in therapy services.